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#deathflight #DEATHFLIGHT #d34thfl1ght

band members

Shane-vocals Kain-guitar Adrian-guitar Adam-bass


Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, the doors

Unearthed artists we like

Sons Of Jericho, Chugalug House, Forever


Forming in mid 2013 Deathflight had a vision to launch themselves deep into the veins of the Underground Australian live music scene. Bracing punters with down your throat performances, strong, confident & epic vocals, sweet harmonies, hard-driving guitars, tight powerful beats, bass that is felt & just down right catchy songs! Deathflight had combined such vast variety of influences and music experience, to create a new, unique, refreshing & powerfully emotive sound, The band have recently recorded their self titled E.P “DEATHFLIGHT” at Everland Productions. The E.P was recorded and produced by the talented Engineer Oresti Salter and Mastered By Tony "Jack theBear" Mantz. It will be available for purchase on itunes, Spotify, Rdio and Google Music, Their music can also be heard on popular digital 44 tv show Revheds! Film clips will be out by the end of the year Watch this space! & support Australian ROCK Music