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Carol King, Eva Cassidy


The Wailing Jennys, Mae Erlewine, waifs, ben harper, aretha franklin, florence and the machine, sia, eva cassidy, jill scott, erykah badu, lily allen, lauren hill, mahalia jackson,

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Following the release of her 2017 debut EP MERMAID, which she toured around WA and the Great Southern, Deb recently travelled to the US to further her songwriting including working with published songwriters in Nashville, Tennessee. Tracks from the EP such as Mermaid & Anchor, Magician and Butterly have been compared to the likes of Carol King for their depth and uplifting style and form. 

Deb is in love with folk music for its storytelling and vocal harmonies, and country music for its raw, honest lyrics and simple heart tugging melodies. These combined with a deep affection for soul music culminate in Deb’s sweet and stunning Americana / Folk style tunes.

Her introvert, intuitive and feeling personality leads her to see life through the mysterious lens only a songwriter knows and it’s only through this lens she weaves the complexities and paradoxes of her experiences into songs.

After a forced delay of a follow up trip to the US this year and a fervent few months of writing, Deb is armed with a bevy of gorgeous new tunes and is set to release a brand new single ‘Arrows’ from her upcoming album ‘Fearless’ September 18.