Artist info


Punk, Metal

Sounds like

norma jean, thrice, Underoath

band members

Cam - Vocals :: Gaudie - Guitar :: Stuart - Drums :: Aaron - Bass :: Kieran - Guitar


The dillinger escape plan, The Chariot, radiohead

Unearthed artists we like

Facepalm A Pinata, ZeroBit


Decades Away are a 5 piece experimental rock band from Ipswich, QLD. The band combine elements of math metal, post-hardcore and experimental rock and draw favourable comparisons to acts such as Norma Jean, Thrice, The Chariot and The Dillinger Escape Plan. The bands latest release, "Underslander" was a self-produced effort, recorded and mixed by guitarist Kieran Childs at Facepalm Studios. Kieran is also known as Zerobit, a popular local dubstep artist, and as the front man for synth-hardcore act Facepalm a Piñata. The band is also comprised from ex-members of local bands Torn from Grace and Alatria. To date the band have 2 releases; 2010 self titled ep ‘Decades Away’ and 2011 ep ‘Underslander’. The band have moved from a straight forward mathcore act to incorporate a more popular song style with cleaner sections.