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Sounds like

Bobby Alu, Oka , Garfish, Mat McHugh

band members

Declan Kelly - guitar, vocals, percussion Winston Stephenson - bass Ian Mussignton - drums Danny Pliner - keys



It’s easy to see why Declan Kelly is one of the most respected musicians in Australia. Ask any of his esteemed colleagues – Katie Noonan, Alex Lloyd, Emma Donovan, Bernard Fanning – they all share the same account. From his days as part of the hardest working band in the state The Bondi Cigars, Declan has taken that ethos along with his grace and class to leave his own mark on Australian music.

His debut album 'Tales From The Neighbourhood' gained incredible traction and saw him on the bill of most festivals around the county. His dynamic roots and Polynesian harmonies, heavily influenced by his mother’s Maori heritage, became his signature sound as he went on to release his iconic Midnight Oil celebratory album 'Diesel’n’Dub'. Now his first solo album in 10 years, 'Views With A Room' sees Declan searching for answers while offering encouragement and uplifting the listener – a testament to the man he is.

Filled with questions on masculinity, despondency, heartbreak and so much more, 'Views With A Room' is an album of self-reflection and shaping the narrative. Relating to those with real experiences of suicide, mental health issues and emotional isolation, Declan extends a hand to comfort those in distress while seeking solutions to his own troubles, ultimately finding answers in those closest to him.

Delivering on the roots and pitch-perfect vocals we’re accustomed to – recorded in his studio appropriately called 'The Nest' – Declan has produced the perfect album for the world today.

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Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

23 Jun 2020

Triple J

Declan takes us on a generous and pretty journey with this ambling track.

Declan takes us on a generous and pretty journey with this ambling track.