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Zack de la Rocha, Tupac Shakur, Nas, Hilltop hoods & Lazy Grey.

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Milwaukee Banks, Baker Boy, RÜFÜS, GANG OF YOUTHS


Raised in a strict religious household the answers to life's greatest questions, such as the purpose behind existence, always had answers. For me though, these answers never really made much sense. This could mean two things, either the church was wrong or I was possessed by the power of Satan. The jury's still out.

Ever since finding the gift of thinking for myself I've been obsessed with finding the 'truth'. Through much trial & error the closer I get, the less I know. Writing journal entries in the way of rap songs, my music is the soundtrack to my development.

I've just released a six track E.P called 'Casualties of Not Knowing' (available on all digital platforms) which tells my story of such struggles. Produced by my long time collaborator & baby brother B Wiv I feel like I have put down my most accurate account of these tales so far. Hopefully someone out there dealing with similar thoughts can take something out of it.


Lorde - Homemade Dynamite (...



16 Oct 2017


This guy can really wail

This guy can really wail


Not Your Monkey (Prod. B Wiv)


Review by Jon Rawls Jon Rawls

10 Sep 2017