Artist info


Electronic, Hip Hop

Sounds like

Stateless, Willow Beats, Massive Attack

band members

Joseph Matthews Gemma Lucy


Massive Attack, Tunng, Stateless, Immortal Technique, Meaghan Smith, Bjork, Fiona Apple, Fuel, Wendy Rule, Jamiroquai

Unearthed artists we like

Willow Beats, Twin Caverns, Mathas, Lupa J, Anatole



Blue Mountains based Deepsea Lights have spent most of their time playing gigs in and around Sydney, taking their time to craft a unique sound and engaging stage presence. Sometimes playing more traditional venues, often playing underground artist run events, their versatile set means they’re at home on most line-ups. Captivating vocals, catchy melodies, live looping, spoken word; Deepsea Lights put a lot of focus on pulling a crowd in, and creating and holding a space. In 2019 the duo will be releasing their first full length album “The Space Between”.

Not content living in just one genre, Deepsea Lights dip their toes (and sometimes plunge their heads) into anything that inspires them. Lying somewhere between folk and trip-hop, their unique sound can move from rolling bass lines and ethereal vocal melodies, to beats composed entirely of household objects being struck with other household objects, to aggressive hip-hop rants, to soft rainy day folk songs. Stitching their inspirations together like a sonic patchwork quilt, they'll use whatever they can get their hands on in an effort to get things out of their heads and into the world.