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Electronic, Hip Hop

Sounds like

DJ Premier, Madlib, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, Triple Darkness

band members

Me, Myself & I


The golden era of Hip Hop and every other genre with substance.


Deepstar a musician, instrumentalist and beatmaker from Perth, Australia while young when it comes to releases has been building high quality international projects tirelessly for the last 5 years. He now has a highly celebrated Boom Bap album out in his partnership AKD & Deepstar as well as a new psychedelic and dank Hip Hop partnership by the name of Abyss Dwellas set to release their first album in 2017. Outside of these partnerships he delves solo into electronic, post rock, ambient and many other styles whilst still emitting some signature sounds usually still staying true to beat based music. AKD & Deepstar are an international partnership spanning from the UK to Australia forged from an unlikely meeting on the now defunct social media platform Conspiracy Worldwide Connect, their first album together Universal Language is available now.

AKD's lyrics hit to the heart with passion, depth and represent the life your average head can relate to, avoiding thug fantasy, and false claims of fame and wealth. Deepstars instrumental works aim to capture the spirit of the 90's NY vibe whilst being unafraid to abandon the generic sounds common today among Hip Hoppers, trying to both relive the essence of the past and bring something fresh to peoples' ears.

Having brought on board the likes of Masta Ace, Rapsody, Sadat X, Tragedy Khadafi, Rob Swift, Dälek, A.G. and many more, their first release has provided some classic listening to hungry heads after being well received globally. Expect many more releases to come because the artistic chemistry and energy of this partnership will only grow stronger as time passes. Let the music speak to their quality.