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What do the ACO, Jim Moginie from Midnight Oil, Steve Pigram from the Pigram Brothers, Brian Ritchie from the Violent Femmes, Richard Tognetti, cinematographer Jon Frank and astounding indigenous musician “Yamatji Man” Mark Atkins have in common?

DELSINKI has joined creative forces with them all.

Shape-shifting uncategorisable post-colonialist DELSINKI releases the debut DELSINKI album, “And There Was Found, No Place For Them”, an amalgam of honest and compelling narratives about war, loss, ageing, tribalism, emotions, nature, the futility of urban life and the perils of conformity. Big themes, fully realised.

Produced elegantly by Cameron McKenzie, the songs are by turn brittle and delicate, orchestral, then rollicking, then hard hitting, then reflective. The album covers the scope of DELSINKI’s extraordinary gamut of styles and collaborations, and each song is accompanied by a deluxe video.

Grateful for small mercies, and being a bower bird par excellence, DELSINKI’s approach contains traces of (amongst others) Leonard Cohen, Tim Winton, John Brack, and bush poets and dreamers, all of whom litter this unique vision of contemporary Australian life

Count your Blessings (with Ruby Gill) is the newest and single to be released to accompany the album, and it’s gorgeous. Delsinki is about to put this masterpiece out and hit the road a with a crack band, including Justin Brady from Things of Stone and Wood, a top notch rhythm section and vocalists Ruby, Brooke Taylor and Coby Grant, all of whom share the spotlight on this stunning album

This extraordinary album sets a creative peak that others can only aspire to, and the live shows should be a treat for audiences, and all involved

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