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The Meters, MC5, Outkast

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Elliott Hammond - Vocals, Harmonica, Keys, Drums Michael Tramonte - Bass, Vocals Alexander Markwell - Lead Guitar, Vocals Simon McConnell - Drums, Percussion


The 101ers, The Clash, Jurassic 5



October 2013, New York City. The streets are abuzz with anticipation for the next Banksy piece. The prolific artist has taken residency amongst the city, each day or two there is news of a fresh site that has been occupied and yet, he still eludes public viewing. People scurry about with cameras in the hope of uncovering some new and unique Banksy gold. It's ubiquitous.

Meanwhile, at Pianos Bar on Ludlow Street, murmurs circulate that Julian Casablancas is just hanging out and watching some unknown bands play to a handful of people. The hustle of the city gets hustled. Only in New York.

The Delta Riggs were fortunate enough to have been indirectly involved in all of this during their weeklong tenure playing at CMJ 2013 and absorbed the energy. NY really is the mecca of the arts industries, a virtual world stage for each unassuming individual inhabitant, is electric at all hours.

Drawing from this & other experiences abroad, The Delta Riggs channeled a different beast for their second album. Still full of swagger and fuelled with Elliott Hammond's whiskey soaked vocals, with an undercurrent of experimentation, urban groove and vocal melodies clearly definable in each track. Dipz Zebazios is a huge progression dynamically and musically from the band’s Australian Music Prize nominated debut Hex.Lover.Killer and highlights the ambitions of a group unwilling to sit at idle.

A sprinkle of influence can be heard from touring alongside fellow genre-benders Primal Scream & Divine Fits but it’s the production and rhythmic values of The Roots, Jurassic Five and Outkast that really stand out.

Whilst the new sounds and approaches show depth and a willingness to push their songwriting to new places, they’ve maintained the core elements, which makes them such a special live force. In-line with their ethos of capturing a true moment, DZ was tracked live over just 3 Days in December, once again self-produced by the band.

Hammond admits “It’s a definite sonic shift”, he adds “it’s also something that we wanted to do to challenge ourselves and in turn, those who might not expect this from us”.

Dipz Zebazios is another bold step on this young, yet mature band’s career, showcasing what they are capable of and what we are still yet to see. "It's meant to be fun" he quips with a wry smile, as the band disappears onstage to tear the roof of another unsuspecting venue...

Unearthed in 2011

Pyramid Rock

23 Oct 2011


The Delta Riggs

The Delta Riggs

Congratulations to The Delta Riggs!

In a foot-stomping frenzy of hair, stick-it-to-the-man attitude and swampy blues, The Delta Riggs feel what you feel, with frustration and aggression, or joy and celebration.