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Des Wade


Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Townes van Zandt



Des Wade was born in Ireland and has lived in Australia for over 30 years, most of them in Adelaide. His Australian odyssey started on the east coast - hitch-hiking from Queensland to Tasmania where he worked professionally as Dez Perrado, The Human Jukebox. On the style of his songs, Des says some float off into the misty twilight while others could be just as close as the next bar stool, with the emphasis on beautiful lyrics and melodies. An award-winning songwriter and lyricist as a member of SCALA (South Australia’s Songwriters, Composers & Lyricists Association), Des favours songs of lyrical and poetic beauty with positivity and optimism frequent themes. Dreams, quests and adventures as well as a rich fantasy world are recurring themes in his songs and poetry. He describes himself as a bit of a dreamer – but with both feet planted firmly in the clouds - who started out with nothing and still has most of it.