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Dance, Indie, Metal, Pop, Punk, Rock



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level doug camonymous nancy girle brettasaurus

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The Clues, Magenta Voyeur, LittleLam


with a dynamic and eclectic sound, brisbane based pop, rock, hip hop and electronica hybrid devel (stylized in lowercase) are a fast emerging sound within the flourishing brisbane independent music scene. 

beginning life in the nucleus of the studio as a side project for founding members
doug (charlie fingers) and level (magenta voyeur), devel's sonic explorations resulted in ‘buyable’ (mastered by bryce moorhead [violent soho]). whilst their 3 track EP realised the pair's vivid and catchy song-writing, the group recruited nancy girle, brett lanes (in2nation, all strings attached) and camonymous (the impostars) to bring the band's sound and live show to the stage.

the band's crossbreeding of the subversive nature of heavy rock with the heady dynamics of pop, the insatiable energy and offbeat rhythms of hip hop & electronic,
has seen the group's initial performances turn heads. with doug and level's multilayered vocals combining over a relentless and tight backing, devel’s sound is at once refreshing, memorable and another adjective.