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Indie, Rock

band members

Ben Fletcher - sing, Skye Knight - keys, Baz Adamson - guitar, Dave Hunt - guitar, Wesley Crusher - bass, Richard Coneliano - drum


Bjork, Sleepy Jackson, Ita Buttrose


“…there’s a new sound humming, you can hear it in the air… and if you listen harder, this is it…” Some people search their whole lives for the elusive ‘it’; the thing that they’d like to spend most of their days doing. Ben Fletcher found his ‘it’ in music when he joined Bluebottle Kiss at the age of 15. During the years that followed he went on to serve an enviable indie rock apprenticeship, but over time he grew restless in his role as a supporting player when he discovered a talent for writing and performing songs of his own. He now fronts one of the most exciting bands in town - The Devoted Few. The band’s debut album Sleepless, fleshed out Fletcher’s previously acoustic solo ballads to gorgeous effect. They played alongside the likes of Augie March and Gersey and everyone figured they had this band pegged. Billboard Noises followed in 2004, replete with the high rotation Triple J hits Desolation Angels, Counting Cars, It’s Over and Anymore|Anyhow. The Jonathan Burnside produced album displayed more of the band’s pop smarts but it was the stand out album tracks Misery Loves Company and Your Face Burnt A Hole In My Memory that revealed a more adventurous side to the band. Later that year, as they toured behind Billboard Noises, the band began exploring electronic sounds. Drums and guitars were augmented with synthesizers, samplers and a handy DJ tool called the Kaoss Pad. Their live show became nothing short of exhilarating and the new material that followed saw a move from intoxicating pop ballads to their more recent high-energy electro/guitar sound. The band further embraced this new sound and technology in 2005, by remixing and revamping the title track to their first record. Sleep Less was recorded and mixed in one day and became an unexpected summer dance floor hit. The single enjoyed Triple J high rotation play and for the first time The Devoted Few received support from NOVA (Australian Unsigned Find Sept. 05) and strong support from rage (ABC TV). The single inspired an impressive remix EP, Schematic Tracks, with songs from the band’s Billboard Noises album being given treatment by artists such as Paul Dempsey (Something For Kate), Sarah Blasko and GB3 (Underground Lovers). 2006 has seen The Devoted Few tour as never before. The band has appeared on numerous festival bills and hit the road with the likes of Something For Kate, Dappled Cities Fly, and The Cloud Room (USA), as well as accompanying Eskimo Joe on much of their Black Fingernails, Red Wine Tour. While on the road the band have been refining songs for their upcoming new album. Expect Baby, You’re A Vampire early in 2007, but in the meantime it’s all about the new single, Don’t Listen To Us, which takes the sound the band established on Sleep Less and ramps it up to 11. The Devoted Few are Ben Fletcher, Skye Knight, Richard Coneliano, Barry Adamson, Dave Hunt and Adam ‘Wesley’ Gregorace.