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Sounds like

Mazzy Star, Slowdive, Julee Cruise

band members

Madelaine Lucas, Luke Bacon, Rob Irish


Cat Power, sonic youth, Beach House


Devotional are a three-piece band based in Sydney, Australia. Together, they create delicate and slow-moving dreamscapes. Developing after collaborating on Lucas’ solo album ‘Devils & Devotion’ (released as A Casual End Mile), the group began recording new material in late 2011. Devotional’s debut EP, ‘Southern Skies’, released in October 2012, was featured on ABC Radio National’s The Inside Sleeve, and received extensive play across community radio. In May 2013, Devotional will release a 7" vinyl record featuring the new single "My Baby Loves Me All The Time". It is the most up-beat track produced by the three- piece to date, combining ethereal vocals with gritty guitars and driving rhythmns to create an exciting change of pace.


Reviewed by Linda Marigliano Linda Mari...

06 Nov 2012

Triple J

Love the broodin...

Love the brooding guitars, the angelic vocals and the slow swagger of it all. I've been catapulted into a dimly lit bar in Twin Peaks and my hips are swaying.

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Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby ...

02 Feb 2012

Triple J

I was won over b...

I was won over back in the A Casual End Mile days and it's so good to hear this new stuff under the Devotional name. This is a brooder for sure, but it burns intensely with those fuzzy guitar swells and Madelaine's chilly intonations.

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Wilde and ...

21 Mar 2012


haunting and eer...

haunting and eerie, with beautiful vocals. I've heard a few songs that have hypnotised me into a kind of trancey state tonight, and this is definitely the most hypnotising of them all... superb song.

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