Artist info


Rock, Punk

Sounds like

Hard-ons, Faith No More, Tenacious D

band members

Antonio Malfunction - Guitar/Bass/Vocals, The Despondent Zombie - Bass/Guitar/Vocals, Brave Bombardo - Drums/Percussion


ween, Spinal Tap, QOTSA

Unearthed artists we like

BATTLECAT, Noise Etiquette, Farthing Wheel


Die [pronounced “dee”] Scoundrels were formed in Perth, Western Australia. Fans of German pornography will be pleased to know that Die Scoundrels, also fans of German pornography, have released their debut album Kidnapped Scientist. As its exceptionally-detailed liner notes point out, Kidnapped Scientist is the product of some seven years of Die Scoundrels’ existence, in which time they have narrowly avoided becoming popular with their particular brand of working man’s rock. Filled with songs as relevant to today’s musical climate as sea shanty Salty Ol’ Seaman, and up-to-date numbers such as Destiny’s Child’s Bootylicious, Kidnapped Scientist is a modern day classic, set in the exciting year of 1999, when music was at its peak, and flying cars were but a year away. Living not quite on the edge, but close enough to be able to see it on a clear day, Die Scoundrels’ members are all battle-hardened rock ‘n’ roll boffins, having learned their chops in such unforgettable bands as Maximum Perversion, Love Camp 7, and Maximum Perversion. Singer, guitarist, and bassist Vaginasore Jr says of Kidnapped Scientist, “It took us seven years, nine producers, and twice as many members to make this album, and to be honest I still think it’s a little advanced for Joe Public.” Originally entitled Kidnapped Scientist (One Was A Spider, One Was A Kidnapped Scientist), Kidnapped Scientist is available from 78s, Mills, and Chicken Spot.