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Jazz, Soul, 90s HipHop


Biography Diamond songwriter/rapper/singer from Auckland City, originating from the 2010 hip-hop group Beneath the Hype. He has consistently been working hard and moving up in the music industry and has released a number of singles including a video clip “She got it goodlike”and just newly released DOWN!!featuring Melbournes Gzutek. Through Diamonds unique and energetic performance’s he connects with audiences by his creative lyrics and dedication to music. Diamond has a style for writing catchy songs that leave the listener moved by the raw emotion in them. Although his roots are firmly placed in underground hip-hop, he draws inspiration from many different lyrical and musical influences. "My style is fire, one day I can be writing a hip-hop piece, and the next day it could be a pop single". He has never been restricted to one genre, and is always pushing the limits to bring fresh new ideas to the music industry. Music is not a new passion for Mr Diamond after performing since he can remember. Diamond has always been creatively minded through all areas of performing since a very young age. Diamond states "I used keyboards and anything that made a sound around the house to make music before I even picked up a microphone!" Diamonds rocky journey has brought him to realize that patience and hard work will get him closer to his life dream…music.Diamond- front man for Beneath the Hype has grown in the underground hip-hop scene, generating a supporting fan base across New Zealand. He has performed countless times across different locations in New Zealand and is preparing to expand his talent and leave his mark overseas. Diamond is enjoying the time he spends between shooting video clips, performing and writing in the studio. He is highly dedicated to push his sounds out the gates of New Zealand/Melbourne to a promising future.