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Sounds like

Within the Ruins, Conducting From The Grave, august burns red

band members

James Cecchetelli - guitar Roy Abouchaaya - guitar Simon Strelin - vocals Rami subihiya - drums


Lamb of God, viel of maya, Within the Ruins


DIMINISH THE GODS is a five piece technical/progressive death metal band from Sydney, Australia. Founded in March 2012 by two guitarists James Cecchetelli and Roy Abouchaaya, Diminish The Gods began as a laptop project, a collaboration of minds piecing together rhythm structures and melodic patterns twisting in constant progression. Taking inspiration from bands such as The Black Dahlia Murder, After The Burial and Conducting From The Grave, Diminish The Gods forged a sound of their own within the genre, one where technical melodies intertwine with chaotic metal riffs before plunging into brutal breakdowns. With the addition of seasoned grind/death vocalist Simon Strelein In December of 2012 and accomplished drummer Brady McWilliams in February 2013, Diminish The Gods began to finalize their debut recording. Working with Parallel Focus Studios USA and sought-after sound engineer Julian Rodriguez of djent band Elitist, Diminish The Gods have mastered two songs, the first single “Invasion” and second release “Prionic Embrace” which are available online. A self-produced lyric film clip for Invasion was released in May 2013. Diminish The Gods’ debut EP will be available through iTunes in Autumn 2013. DIMINISH THE GODS Facebook: DIMINISH THE GODS – “Invasion” lyric film clip Julian Rodriguez – Elitist, Parallel Focus Studios USA