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Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Rise Against, Foo Fighters

band members

Adam Slater - Guitar / Lead Vocals, Peter Wing - Bass / Vocals, Jonno McIver - Guitar / Vocals and Brett Slater - Drums


4 Year Strong, Gaslight Anthem

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Formed from the ashes of great bands such as NuGGeT, The Machines, Peter Wing and the Musico Supremos, BLUNT, The Threat & Flagfall - comes this great band. The Dirty Chins have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with great acts such as Who Invited the Wolf (Melbourne), EMPRA (Melbourne), Heston Drop, Pistenbroke, All Year Round, The Secondhand Squad, Lipsmack, Kessel Run, In Case Of Emergency, Fortune From Tragedy and many more. From the Adelaide music scene comes yet another band made up of other bands. Adam from Nugget and Flagfall, Jonno and Pete from The Machines, and Brett from The Threat and loads of other bands. Influences range from Rise Against, 4 Year Strong and the Foo Fighters.