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Punk, Indie

band members

Ally Campbell - guitar/vocals, Em Tatt - drums/noise/vocals


From the sticks of Bendigo to the city.. Dirty Cosby have, played along side such acts as Dukes of Windsor, Children Collide, Drumheller, East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Killer Birds, Pop Police, Sharpie Crows, Ouch My Face. Time spent experimenting in small spaces. Played on national and international radio. EP 'Cherubim' rough but capturing some true roots. Produced, Mixed and Masted by Dean Muller of the Cosmic Psychos. Fuzzy, thick, ambitious driven. Extremely intense, feeding off each other’s noise. Check gig guide for up and coming dates. And... come have some filthy fun. Review: '' Young and dangerously talented, Em beats the absolute fucking shit out of the skins with a deadly accuracy and a dazzling visual playing style that most stadium bands would envy, all the while, Ally sings effortless and delicate harmonies, near the likes of Cat Power; coupled with a searing guitar sound that fly’s straight into your face. It’s really good stuff, it’s grunge, but not a hackneyed xerox of their 90’something counterparts. Watch out for them, go see them live, buy them beer, give them your smokes and buy their handmade records, so that one sunny day, they can tour endlessly, melting our faces, until the end of humanity. Well there you have it, I apologize for any glaring errors in my writing and I hope you enjoyed some of this music, until next time! -Donovan, ' Death At Altitude '