Artist info


Indie, Punk, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Sex Pistols, Stooges, Patti Smith, Divinyls, Iggy Pop, Ramones, No Doubt

band members

Mandy Moo - Vocals Ian - Guitar Alexander - Drums Brendan - Bass


UK 77 Punk, 60s US Garage, New York Dolls, John Lee Hooker, Lou Reed, Marc Bolan, Lux Interior, Divinyls, Rock, Punk, Surf Punk, Poison Ivy, The Cramps, Motorhead, sex, bass, drums, music



Dirty Liars are a Brisbane 4 piece rock band with genuine roots in classic UK punk rock, late 70’s punk and late 60’s psychafuzz US garage garbage stuff. Lead by the beach babe bomb shell Mandy Moo with hair down to her knees, they come from all over the globe ranging from Moscow, Glasgow, Canberra to Brisbane whilst growing a steady fan base in Brisbane playing one of their first gigs at the 4ZZZ transmitter fundraiser in late 2012. This year sees the release of their first full 6 track EP “Whatta ya got Punk” recorded, produced and mastered by Brisbane’s talented and most sort after underground producer, Bryce Moorehead immediately after he finished Violent Soho’s critically acclaimed “Hungry Ghost”. For anyone who cares “Arabody” tells the story of chasing your past and running twice as fast to get back into your own body. “Spietznaz” is about adopting the Russian army’s principles for beer consumption, “Salt” is about the mystifying taste of sand on your pillow in the morning, “Burn” is about Star Treks George Tokai, or Sulu participating in real life as a chieftain in a Highland Games and his quest for the understanding of Scottish culture. “Home” is just simply about not being fucking home and what Campbell Newman’s inner thoughts are about himself maybe.
“Whatta ya got punk” is available for free download for those who seek.
All song titles are one word in respect to a founding member who was a man of few words.