Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

PJ Harvey, Joan as policewoman, the drones

band members

Ren - vocals & guitar Dhari - Bass Dazzzz - Guitar


Midlake, the drones, Band of Horses


Dirty Polly can be described as beautifully unaffected songwriting, complimented by a sweet mix of intricate warm fuzzed guitars and a brooding rhythm section. Simply put, Dirty Polly is timeless indie rock. Dirty Polly was drawn together, four strangers, and a series of fortunate and unfortunate circumstances. They conspired together in the hot cramped attic of a North Melbourne terrace and through the heat, sweat and noise, Dirty Polly was born. After a string of thumping live shows, Dirty Polly is (just about) ready to release their debut EP with a sound that is equal parts beauty and rawness and they're pleased as punch about it.