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Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Modest Mouse, Fatih No More, Interpol, Bloc Party, Talking Heads

band members

Michael Strong - vocals/guitar, Andy Bartlett - keys/vocals, Matt Berghuis - bass/vocals, Mark Neal - guitar/vocals, Mick Colangelo - drums


Beck, XTC, Cut Copy, Aphex Twin, Stone Temple Pilots



It’s been four years and several bouts of depression in the making, but Perth 90s infused alt-rock outfit The Disappointed have (finally) finished their first album.

Formed in 2012 from the offshoots of other WA bands, a group of misfit toys coming together Power Ranger style into a giant beast of jostling vibes.

They grew together through three EP’s, ‘Stranger’ in 2013, ‘Weird Peace’ in 2014, and ‘Disappear’ in 2017. They toured nationally a few times, did some support shows playing with The Matches, Tired Lion, John Toogood of Shihad, and even ventured as far as Singapore to play a beer festival.

Then like many musical journeys before them, they retreated to a studio and started trying to tackle the ambitious first album.

It didn’t go well... hours of songs and ideas written, rehearsed, demo’d and... then... trashed.

Months, weeks and over a year spent in close quarters rehearsing in divey studios writing song after song. After all that work and money spent, these five (almost) middle aged humans found a happy middle ground. They stopped trying to be a working band and started to enjoy the process - then songs started to get good.

Enter ESCAPISM, the 90s and 80s sandwich that screams Radiohead alongside a heavy dose of KISS and XTC. A massive, lush anthem to reintroduce The Disappointed to the world.

Find A Rope finds The Disappointed heavier than ever, smothered in that self aware
self loathing that suffocates a generation of dirt poor entrepreneurs. Lifted from
Disappear, the five piece's intense upcoming third EP, you might hear some Faith No
More and Modest Mouse in there.

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