Artist info


Indie, Punk, Rock

band members

Jake Donehue - guitar, vocals, Mark Heady - Bass, Paul Donehue - Drums




So, who the hell are The Disgruntled Taxpayers?

The Disgruntled Taxpayers are a Brisbane based 3 piece band filled with loveable, thrilling and intriguing characters with undeniable sex appeal. 

Formed a little over 10 years ago the band has gradually developed their sound through vigorous experimentation. The Disgruntled Taxpayers have developed into a rock band with as many twists and turns as a roller coaster, not content to be stuck into the fashion pidgeon holes that modern marketing wankers like to call genres. Everyone is welcome to The Disgruntled Taxpayers. 

The band features Jake Donehue on guitars and vocals, Paul Donehue on drums, and Mark Heady on bass. Together they form an abrasive, dynamic and free sound.

 As the name suggests the band are kicking back at the selfish tossers who seem to try to make our decisions for us and usually for their own gain. Human nature is out of control and The Disgruntled Taxpayers exist simply to illustrate how ridiculous we have all become.