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Mary Shannon



Disrepute is the solo project of Bansheeland front woman, Mary Shannon.

Disrepute's music is an exploration of self while experimenting with the confines of an expectation to craft a particular “sound” that would simply define an artists genre. Songs are drenched in washy tones, sad-rock and sharp beats with multi-layered vocals. Currently playing by herself or with the simple 3-piece set up for heavier songs, Disrepute has begun to make the rounds of Tasmania with plans to tour regional Australia in late 2017.
Most of her recordings currently available were completed in varying motel bathrooms across Canada mid-2016 using garage band on an iPad.
Quite different from her approach to songwriting with 5-piece rock outfit Bansheeland, Disrepute’s writing is more focused on an expression of personal views about the inevitability of struggling to engage with a world that’s almost impossible to believe in it’s stupidity, but also an attempt to harness the nice parts, you could say, that keep us all going.

Disrepute is currently working on her debut EP to be released late 2017.

AKA, Mary Shannon.