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Indie, Rock

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Vincent Barbaro Live Members: Marcus Rosella & Sam Telegramma



Divebar Youth is an Adelaide-based indie artist. Debuting in February of 2019, “Sneakers” is a bedroom production that combines ambient swirls and wayward impact, reminding us that beauty and imperfection go hand in hand.

The second single 'Houses' soon followed and introduced a new dynamic of sampled underground beats, deep-bass driven grooves and arena-ready guitar licks. The Adelaide native finds his new home amidst the rubble revealed in the wake of a dismantled relationship. From the rubble, something new is created: a towering indie-rock anthem that finds comfort in uncertainty, and opportunity in the future.

"Divebar Youth is a wild bedroom producer, up all night making love to their mix with Avant Garde ideas. This love child of Adelaide is simply riveting." - Left Bank Magazine