Artist info


Metal, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

The Living End, Billy Talent, Queens Of The Stone Age

band members

Koby - Guitar/vocals Paul - Bass Mitchy - Drums/backing vocals


RX Bandits, Bad Religion, Beer

Unearthed artists we like

The Statics, Briscoe., Milhouse


It's hard not to venture into band biography cliche with a band like Dividers. The three piece genuinely live up to all the staples - difficult to pigeon-hole, electric live show and a feel good vibe that grabs the attention of every audience they play before, both big and small.

Huge guitars, driving bass and rapid fire drumming ensure that audiences are left wowed by the intensity of the band that many say are a palatable mixture of The Living End and Billy Talent.

Filled with catchy hooks and frenetic rhythm, the band’s latest release, Best Laid Plans, is a suckerpunch to the senses. Recorded and mixed at Lockup Studios and mastered at Studios 301, Best Laid Plans captures the energy and tightly controlled aggression of a band spoiled with heady musicianship and choruses that won’t quit.

Plenty more exciting news coming soon so stay tuned to the talented trio and be sure to catch a show near you as they head out to decimate stages nationwide.

“This band is one to watch, they are polished, tight and write some really catch powerful songs”
- Ross Hall-Butson (5hr Flight)

“The next band on was three piece, Dividers, [sic], I will say that this rock band was the stand-out of the night. With excellent dynamics and a well-rehearsed sound, this band sit somewhere between Foo Fighters and Billy Talent”