Artist info


Dance, Rock

Sounds like

Chris Isaak, Roxy Music, David Bowie, Roy Orbison, Caribou

band members

Danny Pratt, Liam Fox O'Brien, Rhys Hastings


My name is Danny Pratt, I sing and play guitar in DL, with love. Black magic is a song about the pursuit of love into darkness. About a search for self understanding with darkness as a vessel. There is a tangibility to sadness, like the rungs of a ladder that can take you down into your self, and though I didn’t know it then, at the time Black Magic came about that’s what I was doing.

When I wrote the lyrics I was at the crest of a wave of substance abuse, there was so much destruction and sadness in my life, and yet for all the pain it was causing I had a sense of wanting to burrow further into it, to know what was at the bottom of it all. There is an illusion when you’re drinking a lot that once you’ve started it will take you somewhere, that you’ll get somewhere at the end of it, with a familiarity in the pain that feels like home. That's the Black Magic. The song is the sound of that feeling, of being wrapped in a murky darkness, lured into it through life’s experiences and finding that there is still something beautiful in there. Way down there with all the pain and sadness there is still love.

Liam my bandmate was there through all of this, he helped me a great deal and through bringing this song to life we rode it out of that place I was in. Out of the darkness to be able to write the sound of it, with an understanding of it and with that, my self. Writing the sound of a feeling is in someways difficult to do alone because it's the feeling reflecting off others that gives it its truth. That's so much of what playing in a band is for me, mutual understanding and interpretation of feeling within an idea.

The day we finished mixing the song I had a great sense of letting go of all the experiences that brought it about, as though I’d been holding onto them for the song, keeping the pain for the song.

Black Magic is the first release of our debut album, DL, with love. More to come soon.


DL, with love