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DNA - MC/Songwriter/Producer



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NEW FREE MIXTAPE "Plain & Simple" - DNA is a solo rapper, song writer and producer. He hails from the tropical atmosphere of North Queensland and music has been a fundamental part of his entire life. DNA first picked up a pen to write lyrics at the age of 7, being influence mostly by popular music and classic rock. At the age of 9, DNA discovered hip hop. It seemed as though it was always a part of him and was the final piece to his puzzle. DNA began writing raps when he was 10 years old, venting frustration and pre adolescent angst. He would record his raps to tape cassettes with a portable stereo system. At the age of 13, he began to write music and produce his own beats with a playstation game called music 2000 and also a electric keyboard paired with a hi-fi system. As time went on, DNA discovered technology and software for PC music recording and production. This was minding blowing for him at the time. In 2004, when DNA was 13 years old, he a close friend "Tryxtah" started the duo Blu-Tag. The pair wrote and recording music in their spare time during their highschool years and took every opportunity to perform live. Sadly, when school finished the 2 drifted apart and Blu-Tag ended. In 2007, DNA started taking his solo music more seriously. Working with SkRATCH HOUND Productions and the artists signed to the North Queensland Label. In mid 2008, DNA was admitted into the mental health unit at Townsville hospital, due to the combination of a predisposition to mental illness and drug use. 2008 was a fundamental part of his journey, and the experience changed his life forever. Later that year, DNA started work on his first offical solo album. The idea was to tell his story in a way people could understand and relate to, but at the same time getting his point across by telling it how it is. This turned in the album "The Waterfall", a title which DNA had come up with while he was sick that means a lot to him. Even after the album was done, it sat on the shelf for a while, then being released in November 2010. 2011 saw DNA shine as bright as ever. Receiving Triple J radio play for the happy go lucky tune "Life As It Is". This saw DNA be rewarded with the honer of being Triple J unearthed Feature Artist of the Week and also landing him a spot on the lineup for Townsville's Groovin The Moo Festival that year. Follow his mild success, DNA toured around North Queensland in the second half of 2011, visiting Cairns, Airlie Beach, Mount Garnet, playing festivals like Reggaetown, Essence, Full Noise and finishing it up with Whitsundaze on New Years. Over the years, DNA has played along side acts such as, Drapht, Thundamentals, Bliss N Eso, M-Phazes, Illy, Funkoars, Phrase, Mantra, Joelistics, Def Wish Cast, Bam Bam and more. 2012 saw DNA start a new project with a few mates. It is a band called "Finding Luna", and already they seem to be doing very well. Getting reviews my Triple J, and being added to the unearthed digital radio playlist. They released their first EP "Bliss City" mid year and the response has been great. Finding Luna are planning big things for the future. (check them out here - ) DNA also released a Mixtape entitled "Plain & Simple" in mid 2012. It is basically a compilation of tracks he has made since "The Waterfall" was released. A new release is already in the works. Facebook - Twitter - @DNA_HipHop Free Album Downloads - Triple J -

Unearthed in 2011

Groovin The Moo

27 Mar 2011




Congratulations to our 2011 Groovin The Moo winners!

These 5 lucky acts will open Groovin the Moo when it steamrolls in to their paddock.



Reviewed by Al Newstead Al Newstead

30 Apr 2011

Triple J

Cool production here, as you'd expect from a producer... but the old aussie hip-hop cliches raise their head. "fuck work, fuck the 9-5' yes rebel!

Cool production here, as you'd expect from a producer... but the old aussie hip-hop cliches raise their head. "fuck work, fuck the 9-5' yes rebel!