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Sounds like

meshuggah, Veil Of Maya, five star prison cell

band members

Tim Stelter - Drums, Shaun Pillar - Bass, Kyle Masters - Vocals, Eric Sebastian - Guitars


dillinger escape plan, All Shall Perish, Devolved

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DOGS OF WAR Formed in 2003, hailing from Perth’s northern suburbs, Dogs of War have carved an indelible niche in the Perth music scene. Fiercely independent from word go, their unique blend of polyrhythmic metal and confronting stage presence, continues to crush and confuse peers and admirers alike. Featuring odd time signatures, often belligerent tempo changes and an abrasive dissonance, Dogs of War are rhythmically based, progressively melodic, and brutally powerful. Their resistance to conform to genre boundaries and stereotypes has sometimes put them at odds with others around them, making their journey more difficult, but cultivating a unique sense of self worth within the band Dogs of War want to continue to open peoples eyes to a world of music where the limitations of pop culture are irrelevant, where the possibilities are endless and you can be who you want to be. These aren’t the callous words of a pipedream; it’s a statement of intent. As more people begin to realize the strength and character of this band, it is surely inevitable that Dogs of War will rise to the forefront of contemporary Australian heavy music. Whilst many bands wear their influences on their sleeve, what Dogs of War strive to be does not yet exist. In the words of a wise man “you must be the change you want to see in the world”.