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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Nirvana, weezer, silver chair

band members

Damien C- bass guitar, guitar, vocal Patrick W - Drummer Max M - guitar, vocal


Tool, metallica, Soundgarden

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Growing up in the 1990's grunge movement has heavily influenced Dojo Collectors. Their writing ability and style continues with the aggressive sounds of the past whilst breaking the mould and delivering new life to the genre. Forming early 2010 the band has gone from strength to strength building up their writing ability and fan base. With music influenced by Nirvana, SilverChair, Foo fighters, Weezer, Metallica the band mixes grunge and rock seamlessly. The lead vocals is a mixture of throat scream blended with a natural voice that strongly define the Dojo Collectors sound. A second singer implores more of a natural sound and delivers diversity to the band. After performing a number of shows at their local Rock Show, Dojo Collectors are preparing to start a new chapter. They just finished recording their debut EP record entitled "Dojo Collectors" and are preparing for a CD launch within the coming months. So be ready and gear up for all the onslaught to begin with this band as they bring back the grunge era.