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Punk, Rock

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James Suttor (Vocals, Guitar), Will Badger (Vocals, Guitar), Max Groblicki (Drums), Mitch Teppo (Bass)

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The Dolphin Show are a quirky hard-rock-punk-outfit band hailing from the northern end of Sydney.

The band was born in Sydney by four 18-year old boys, jamming in a damp garage. Though the band has changed a lot over the last five years (with new members and a more complex sound), the grittiness of The D Show and it’s following remains today.

Since 2019, The Dolphin Show have been working hard on creating an EP that reflects their heavy live sound and unpredictable songwriting. Their new music is riff-driven, in your face and deals with both light-hearted and dark concepts.

Their latest ensemble is comprised of the original members James Suttor and Will Badger and two newcomers Max Groblicki and Mitch Teppo. The band has just released their second EP 'Thick Black Brain Blood'.

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