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Dom Cooley


Dom Cooley has gone through a lot since releasing his Debut album "This Can Only End One Way" in 2008. Break ups, gaining weight, losing weight, running marathons, moved back to Brisbane, got dogs, got married, bought a house... and some music.

Many things went wrong with that fatefully named first album, and as such he has put off his second one for a long time. In October 2010 whilst doing his monthly deleting of spam myspace messages, Dom found something amazing: a message from a real person! That person was producer David Naughton. Naughton was planning on visiting Melbourne and was interested in working with Dom. A year later they did just that. They recorded 3 songs with Dom's then bandmates "The Children Out of Wedlock" at Sing Sing Studios and Gigantically Small Studio, the masters of these recordings were then lost by Naughton after mixing.

Upon Naughton's return to Japan, Dom continued to work with him via Skype and dropbox, with people from all around the world able to contribute due to the dropbox medium. Dom Travelled to Japan to record vocals in 2012, and mixing concluded in 2013. Dom then sat back and did nothing much to the chagrin of Naughton. Now, 2 years later Dom is finally ready to begin preparations to release his second album "I Will Let You Down".