Artist info


Rock, Metal

Sounds like

The Tea Party, Iron Maiden with female vocals, led zeppelin

band members

Erica Bowron - vocals, Simon Owen - guitar, Denis Custovic - bass, Pete Kelly - drums


Led Zeppelin, The Tea Party, PJ Harvey


"There’s more than a little of the esoteric and particularly Middle-Eastern end of Zeppelin in this Sydney four-piece … belting powerhouse vocals …" - The Drum Media "Great vocal strength and heavy guitar riffs … with sprinkles from the Middle East …a great new Australian metal release" -Tsunami Magazine [Brisbane] "Domino have created their own genre … Glorious rock and roll balladry from the Middle East … Give them an album deal; let’s see what they can do!" -The Dwarf Online Zine "A tower of rock … infectious and full of energy." -Sydney Morning Herald "Different to everything else around." -Half a Cow Records Domino blast audiences with their heavy, intense and addictive original live sounds. Getting particular attention lately is their mash-up cover of System of a Down's Toxicity and Britney Spears' Toxic - has to be heard to be believed! View here: Shadows and Dust, the band’s debut is available on iTunes and is distributed by Green Media, receiving airplay on FBI, Triple J, 2BAY, 2HHH, 2BLU, 2BOB, 2MCE, 2SKR and 2XX with strong responses from print and online media.