Artist info


Rock, Roots

Sounds like

PJ Harvey, The Black Keys, Dallas Frasca

band members

Donnelle Brooks - Singin' the Tunes, Tristan Rowley - Strummin' the Geetar, James Goddard - Slappin' the Bass, Kned Gulliford - Hittin' the Skins


Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Rolling Stones


Blues, Soul and a whole lot of Rock n Roll. About as sweet as a jar of vinegar and just as good at attracting flies. As much character as a bottle of cheap wine and just as intoxicating. Don and the Mobsters dish up hooky riffs and saucy lyrics to make your toes curl

If Don and The Mobsters were a song they would be “Khe Shan”. Classic, hard hitting, and they make bogans wanna dance and sing after a few rum and cokes.

If Don and The Mobsters were a movie they would be “Snakes on a Plane”. Equal parts terrifying and hilarious, and with lots of yelling.

If Don and The Mobsters were an animal they could be a lion. Matriarchal and fierce, but not the best of lovers.

If Don and The Mobsters were a drink they would be Gin and Tonic. Bitter, sophisticated and middle aged ladies love them.