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Indie, Pop, Rock

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Finley Miller - Lead Vox/Guitar Luke Gregory - Guitar Finn 'Diggsy' Diggles - Guitar Ruby Lee - Bass Oliver Whitaker - Drums


The Stone Roses, Shame, The Vines, My Bloody Valentine, The Smiths



Dopamine is a five-piece indie rock band. With a sound ranging from post-punk to britpop, the band have been performing their distinct sound around their local stomping ground of Brisbane, Australia. Having an affinity for 60's pop and 90's alternative, the group melds chiming guitar lines with swirling harmonies and a groove-heavy rhythm section.

"Now releasing their debut EP, the band is looking to push themselves into the next eschalon of Brisbane music, and it’s safe to say they’re more than ready.

While the songs’ pop sensibilities are a sure wave to explosive Aussie acts like Hockey Dad and Middle Kids, the guitar layers in I Lie and Headline Disgrace dig Dopamine their own niche in the pop-rock sound, where fuzzy blankets of layered sound engulf listeners in warm hugs.

Lyrically, Outlaw largely plays with themes of social outcast, perceptions of reality and finding confidence in oneself. In an age where young people are constantly held to unreasonable expectation and bombarded by images they’re pushed to ‘aspire’ to, Dopamine’s themes encourage cutting through social norms and traditions to find one’s true self - an important message for lost youths of today.

All in all, Dopamine’s debut effort is an excellent sample of what’s to come. It’s tantalising, intriguing and a real tease."


Review by KB Theory KB Theory

12 Jul 2018


So tight and great live

So tight and great live


Review by Rude Rum Rude Rum

05 Jun 2018


damn this feels good!!
LOVE IT you legends!!

damn this feels good!!
LOVE IT you legends!!