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Electronic, Indie

Sounds like

Munchi, Diplo, Datsik

band members

Alex Yabsley - GameBoy, Sega Mega Drive


Hardcore, Chipmusic, Microgenres



Alex Yabsley aka Dot.AY has long been in search of a musical form that can be highly experimental and creatively satisfying whilst being accessible and dance friendly. Through his time studying a Bachelor of Music Technology with Honours he came upon Chiptunes, a musical genre which involves the repurposing of video game hardware for creating music, he now believes Chiptunes are what he was born to make. His music juxtaposes hard fast noise with cute melodies all the time maintaining a high energy vibe, like a photon powered mech-warrior with pokemon tattoos. The key component of Dot.AYs work is based in live performance this has developed into regular live shows in Brisbane and playing live shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. He has also supported international acts such as Crystal Castles, Girl Talk and Dan Deacon performed in collaboration with Amanda Palmer and Played shows in New York and Tokyo.