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Rock, Roots

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Ness Cassey - Vocals Cash Williams - Drums Benjamin Freeman - Keys Miles Sharma-Constance - Bass Dan Cohen - Saxophone James Mudd - Flugel/Trumpet


…The Psychedelic, Blues grooves of The Double Shadows will get your feet shuffling, your hips swaying, and your head rocking. Forget the guitars; it’s all about horns billowing out everything from smooth grooves to head banging blasts, unconventional, dirty organ lines and washy psychedelia, all led by the huge, growling voice box of Ness Cassey, who’s vocals are found somewhere between Tim Buckley, Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse.

Think Dr. John, Jack White, Captain Beefheart and you’ll have some idea of the flames that power this beastly seven-piece…