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Electronic, Hip Hop, Indie, Metal, Punk, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Lady rage,Old Dirty Bastard,lil Kim

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Rage against the Machine , Lady rage, Biggie smalls , Pearl jam , Foriegner, Master Ace, Immortal technique


Amidst the scores of Hip Hop Emcees, this independent French/Australian recording artist DOVE is a bonafide standout - an emerging star who disarms her fans with lyrical dexterity, girl-power anthems battle emcees part of the same battle league as Kerser and 360

As a Femcee, songwriter and battle rhymer DOVE is a multi-layed threat offering real and raw lyrics, a nimble delivery and seductive style. She exudes inner-strength, and her charming personality outweighs any urban stereotypes that may be put upon her. That powerful combination positions this emcee to challenge the male heavyweights in the industry.

Real Talk Battle league
Got Beef Battle league
Australia vs NZ 2004/2005 Freestyle Battle for supremacy Qld heats
Phat stuff battles
Kanga records mix tape
Raise The Bar Hiphop Festival 26/07/13
National Youth Week Festival 2001-5
MTV Aussie Friggn Hiphop Freestyle Battle Heats QLD
One outs battle league Australia
One outs new zealand
GRIME TIME battles Uk