Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Black Sabbath, Kyuss, High On Fire, Goatsnake, The Be Sharps

band members

Dr. Jon – Vox & Guits Dr. Love – Bass & Vox Dr. Legs – Guits Dr. Skins – Drums


Matt Groening



"Mixing doom metal with obscure references to Springfield’s buttery cast of characters may sound completely daft, but Dr. Colossus somehow pull it off on their self-released three-track debut EP, IV. Named after the series’ fourth season – which first aired from ’92 to ’93 – listening to the EP is like playing a game of ‘spot the quote’ amongst a sea of Black Sabbath-esque sludge." - BEAT Magazine

"Dr Colossus doomed tunes derived from The Simpsons. Reads crazy, is actually crazy good." - Invisible Oranges

"Dr. Colossus Provides Some (Actually) Good Simpsons-Themed Metal" - Metal Injection