Artist info


Electronic, Dance

Sounds like

Dr Jaffle, Mario Bros.

band members

Mr. J - electronics/vocals, drums Mister Fried - Vocals, keys


Pepe Deluxé, Ash Grunwald, Phat Pixel

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Born and Bred in the far corners of The Mushroom Kingdom. Dr. Jaffle is of many musical talent. The Doc was an associate of the infamous MARIO BROS. and was their general practioner for many a years. After crafting a magical double Jaffle Iron, The Doc landed himself in the bushy parts of Cambells Creek near Castlemaine and lived under tent and campfire with plentiful supply of baked beans, cheese, eggs and chicken wings to cook with his jaffle iron and metal grill he found by a tree. The Doc has been known to use his music for medicinal purposes. HE CAN ALSO MAKE ONE HELL OF A JAFFLE!!! Dr. Jaffle is Soupper crazy. Messed Up Tunes. You Like