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Dr Malone (AKA David Steve)





DR Malone's love for blues, roots and country has been part of his life since hearing his father playing the old blues classics on his guitar late at night. Playing records by Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, BB King, John Lee Hooker, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and the like printed in his memories amazing times and an eternal soundtrack. "I can still hear those old records, and I wish my father kept all of them!” DR Malone (AKA David Steve) has had a musical journey that has taken him to places like the USA, Sweden, and the UK, but he struggled to find a sound that truly resonated. "We all make decisions that are wrong in hindsight", says David, "But to me it’s all part of soul searching and learning". When his father died only around four months ago, Dave woke up not only to the bad news, the sadness and mourning, but also with something very special and very significant. His father had left him his precious and only possessions: the old man’s treasured guitars. The sudden realization that Blues music was where his heart and soul had always been guided David straight into his home studio and was the driver behind the new material that is now "DR Malone" “I do it for love and fun, and for the memory of my father. I hope I can share this piece of my life with someone out there who happens to hear it.”



11 Feb 2013


Not bad, not bad...

Not bad, not bad...I think after my second listening I will regret not giving this guy 4 or 5 stars. I like the instruments he is using here, Nice words and melody.

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09 Feb 2013


Wow, 5 star Reve...

Wow, 5 star Reveiw from me on this one. I stumbled across this on the unearthed iphone app and had to sign up and do my first reveiw. The sound is Raw and refreshing and the chorus is a cracker! Stuck in my head for days. Great to hear a good slide guitar solo! They have been missing lately. Where can I find more Tracks?!

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flying rat

06 Feb 2013


This is catchy a...

This is catchy and suits the hot weather here in Melbourne :)

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