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Sounds like

Primus, Cake, Beck, Bauhaus, The Cure

band members

George Crimmins, Adam Bloom


Primus, Cake, Beck, Marylin Manson, The Clash, Queens of The Stone Age



A dark funk duo featuring the handiwork of George Crimmins and Adam Bloom.
They started jamming in 2011, and with the hiatus of Denizens, it became DB's main project in 2012.
Searching for sounds, grasping the excaping exhaust fumes of their souls, they lay down honest grooves and explore the abject through bitter eyes.
They recorded an EP before they knew they were a band (with Craig Brunton), called Bread.
Next up was the improvisational collection, Fruity Asphyxia.
Just released (December 2014) is the self-titled album "DPOOA".
This bad boy was recorded and produced by Tim "Bones" Fogarty at West End's Worx Studios.
DPOOA was also recorded live (aside from a couple of vocal overdubs). and this one is their strongest release yet. It shows their improvement from a couple of years of playing live (Lost Movements, Ear Candy, Prince of Wales Hotel).