Artist info


Electronic, Hip Hop, Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Linkin Park, Flume

band members

Alex Solo (Bass Guitar/Producer) Andrej Trbojevic (Lead Guitar) Michael Solo (Drums) Charles " Ello.C" Elloso (Vocals)


Red Hot Chili Peppers


Dream Cities is rejuvenating cross-over music culture, uniting alternative rock, conscious rap with electro-psychedelic tones. The band is a collaboration between Sydney based musicians Andrej Trbojevic (guitarist), Alex Solo (bassist, electronics), Mike Solo (drummer) & Ello. C (emcee).

Originally formed in 2014 as an instrumental band, Drej and the Solo brothers developed a progressive electronic rock sound, blending improvised live jams with samples from diverse genres. The band gained an underground following playing at local bars and house parties. In 2016, a chance introduction through mutual friends led to Alex showing Ello one of the band's unfinished demos. Freestyling lyrics on the spot, Ello's impactful bars became the finishing piece and driving catalyst to the track’s completion, which they titled 'Honey in the Veins' - resulting in numerous Australian radio show features. The creative spark was evident and what began as an experiment amongst friends eventually led to a full-fledged body of work with Ello officially joining the band as frontman.

They released and nationally toured their debut album titled "Everybody's Nobody" between 2018 to 2019, landing a full album review from happymagtv, and having their second single "Angels Call" debut on clippedtv‘s Music Video Premiere show.

The band is now back in the studio, crafting a new set of multifaceted tracks for an upcoming release in 2021.