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Anthony clark-guitars,Jan nicholas blom-vocals,Troy wright-drums,Steven dwyer-guitars


meshuggah, Porcupine Tree, Devin Townsend


No crossed armed chest pumping rant about living in a dark forest wearing cheap silver jewelry here.We cook our food at home and have no ambitions to circulate a fire whilst summoning something with horns from the underworld.We do however kick fucking arse and if you are ever in the mood to walk away from a show thinking "holy shit!that was good"i suggest you come see us live.We currently have a self titled E.P out,and two film clips up on youtube which have nowhere near as many hits as Justin Bieber,but are way more fun to watch.Soon to be in your nearest capital city.yours truly.P diddy.Wait...?is he still P diddy or just Diddy?