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Kerser, Cheap Sober, Mandle

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Rivvver Phoenix


Neil Young, Leon Russell, Nas, 2pac



Dribbles is a well established battle rapper, a member of the now-defunct 'Madizm,' a member of 'Street Life Descendant's,' a solo Emcee and a modern day Satirist.

Dribbles, often known as Big River - undefeated in his time as a battle rapper - blends together satire and Hip Hop to deliver with soul, passion and intensity. Once described as "so offensive that it is not offensive," Dribbles deftly uses his wordplay to intermingle differing styles of satire, embracing the use of irony, sarcasm, wit, parody, juxtaposition and exaggeration, and yet at the same time, speaking from the heart in a way that many can relate to.

Dribbles has released a Vinyl single, a Mixtape, 5 digital releases and 2 albums available on CD - all up that's over 130 songs released in his career.

Discovering Hip Hop in 2006, then joining 'Madizm' alongside Judz, Mandle, Nikko KS and Planz. Dribbles & Mandle went on to perform a few gigs and release many collaborative works, including the single "When You See Us" released on vinyl by Mass Mc/DoubleBeef Records. Mandle tragically passed away in 2011.

Dribbles later joined the Western Australian "supergroup" Street Life Descendant's consisting of Beni B.J.A.H, Beside, Big Moggo, Bitter Belief, Chile Chillz, Complete, Cortex, D-Loc, Dex, Dista, Dynasty, MX Axis, Mr. Grevis, Ness, Relevance, Verdikt and Xzakt. Street Life Descendant's have performed as support acts for Bone-Thugz-N-Harmony and Cypress Hill.

In his 10 year career, Dribbles has collaborated with Andradi, Bamboo MC, Cheap Sober, Chevy Levett, Complete, Damo, Dista, Double D, Filthy Fil, Fluence, Havok, Ideas, Kerser, Kirsty, Mandle, Mike Hunt, Mikey Banks, Okwerdz, Omac, Porsah Laine, Real Deal, Reejay, Stannard, Tavern Slander, Tornts, Web Three, Willis, Wordsmyff and Zhane White.

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