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Electronic, Punk

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Luke Hoskins

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THE CLAP, Shanghai


Since 1999, I have been trying to make my own music under various names and genres, until something exploded and i died in a house fire under a pile of rubble and disco beats.... When i was ressurected by the mormons in 2003 i decided to make the most irritating and the most fastest speedcore in the free world, maybe even the universe .... these efforts put together to make the FACEBREAKS full length album ... and later THE EXTREME ULTRA VIOLENCE E.P. which was more speed and noise based ....... Shitcore became the next mountain to climb and climb i did, Releasing the CHEAPARSE SHITCORE E.P. OR THE SHIT ARSE CHEAPCORE E.P late 2005, and peaking in early 2006 with the album DRILLBIT IS SHITHEAD, this is basically me being a big old smart arse and enjoying it ..... i also made a pact with myself to make the shittiest breakcore or the breakiest shitcore ever, which i have been doing with my latest album MY WAY AND HOW TO GET OUT OF IT All of my material is being released through the NOISE MACHINE label which i run with my friends who also make music ..... I also make garbage noise under the name of shithead which i don't reccomend as anything good to come out of it will eventually end up on a drillbit release ... check more drillgay out on WWW.MYSPACE.COM/DRILLSHIT