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Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock

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'Flyin' Pete Vanda- frontman - Vocals Glen - Guitars Mikey - Drums Tommi - Bass Guitar Gavin - Guitars


The Kinks, David Bowie, Nirvana, Rolling Stones



From Beat Magazine- The drop bears formed in November 2014 and in just over 4 months have played over a dozen gigs and have already headlined a packed Espy Hotel in Melbourne.
one of their songs 'Smash It Up has already had over 20,000 views on Youtube and been played on a major national FM radio network a number of times.
Soon to headline a festival in Darwin, and with a handful of Melbourne shows at The Cherry Bar (Sat April 4th) and The Espy (Sat May 9th) The drop bears have exploded onto the Oz rock scene.
Wearing their trademark sixties style school blazers and armed with 60's Post Punk-esque/Grunge tunes that you can both rock out to or dance to (The Jagger test, as the boys put it) This band of rock musos were all put together on their ability to entertain live. And that they do, having one of the best frontmen and live shows to come along in years.