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Dance, Electronic

Sounds like

Clint Mansel, NERO, Younger Brother

band members

Tom Hubble - Composer


psychedelic, Dubstep, cinematic

Unearthed artists we like

ylem , VOODOO DRED , Oliver Tank , Dream Delay , Lieutenant Jam , Tin Lion , The Twoks


FOLLOW : Raised by wolves in the mountains overlooking the gothic church laden streets of Perth’s medieval sprawl. DROP FRAME has burst out of the cave and howled to the moon. Directed by mountain goat people through a particulary dark time, DROP FRAME learnt the dark arts of sonic mastery. In a genius stroke of tactical advantage, Corpral Claws asked DROP FRAME to fight in the front line in the battle of Carlos the 4th. DROP FRAME's power was far to strong for the opposing force, and hence - peace filled the lands. DROP FRAME is now 9000 years old, only speaks through mind communication and hovers (not walks) to his destinations. Eye contact with this being is not advised and may cause retinal damage. DROP FRAME has a PH level of 14.



07 Dec 2013


Pumped up but ch...

Pumped up but chilled in one. Awesome track

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Reviewed by fpvs fpvs

28 Nov 2013


Like a car accel...

Like a car accelerating to top speed, there is a buzz in this track that just energises me. It sounds familiar, like beats from some of my favourite childhood music reorganised into something new and comfortable. Definitely takes me to a happy place.

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