Artist info


Metal, Punk

Sounds like

Norma Jean, Deftones, Nine Inch Nails

band members

Xero - vocals John Barrymore - bass, double bass, sitar Frasher - drums Mothface - guitars Tirunideth - vocals, violins Flockodile - vocals, xylophone, samples Refund - guitar, electronics


Made Out Of Babies, Meshuggah, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum


dropbunny are a Melbourne seven-piece who create furious, dark and ecstatic music. Showing deep irreverence for musical traditions, they seamlessly combine bizarre time signatures and a vast range of sounds to create angst-ridden psychotropic landscapes unlike most Australian metal to date. They have recently completed their second full-length album, “IO”, which is available from Proving that they don't need to compromise between artistry and anger, dropbunny are as comfortable incorporating elements of folk, jazz, avant garde soundscapes and electronica as they are with blistering metal riffs. “Anything to make the experience more intense.” says singer Xero, “We won't shy away from using light, conventionally 'pretty' instrumentation at times, in order to make the brutal sections even more confronting.” As a result, dropbunny incorporate violin, double-bass, sitar and synths to create an unusually broad and dissonant sound. In late 2009, dropbunny completed their first full-length album, 'Hypothesis', at Woodstock Studios (Coco Rosie, Augie March) and mastered at Sterling Studios by Ue Nastasi (Devil Driver, Fear Factory, Soilwork). By the end of the intense six week process (culminating in bassist Waterbeast stamping barefoot across broken wineglasses for samples in the song "Bad Drum Solo"), the album was as strange and as violent as they had hoped. Their debut album, 'Hypothesis', is available for free download at After touring relentlessly across Australia and the US, and a slight change in line-up (including the addition of 3 exceptionally talented singers and percussionists), dropbunny returned to the studio in 2011 to create their 18 track epic, “IO”. "IO" signifies a deeper progression for the band - the album is simultaneously heavier, catchier, more technical and more horrifying in places. It is intentionally structured to take the listener on a coherent and frightening journey through the darker side of the human psyche. You can check out the filmclip for "Pentagonal Plywood Prison" here: Like a cheap wine, dropbunny get sharper and more bitter with age.