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Adam - vox/guitar, Angela Lansbury - guitar, Hurricane Troy - drums, Bruce Cervix - bass


Nirvana, Kyuss, Melvins



We're a bunch of booze-powered freaks from Australia and England. The band's only young, so we don't have too many songs yet - well, that used to be our excuse, anyway (seriously, we'll get off our arses and write some new songs eventually). We used to go by a different name each time we played, so it's entirely possible you may know us as Potato Shatner, Scuba Package, Smellin' Of Troy or some other very silly name if you have a really good memory. A while back, we participated in a farce of a "battle of the bands comp" at a certain well-known local venue as "Dirge" but the retard DJ called up "Drudge." It stuck. In the early days we used to play at random people's parties in exchange for free booze. Now we've played at various scuzzy dives around the Gold Coast, a gig here and there in Brisbane, as well as numerous in-stores at Music Mania and a couple of gigs on the back of a truck at the Queensland motorcross nationals in front of an audience comprised mainly of our friends and family and the occasional bored drunken redneck. Now we get paid for shitting people off. Hahaha. Singer/Guitarist Adam and Guitarist Jon met in high school and played bad Nirvana covers for the best part of their late teens. Troy joined after not having played drums for eight years - total chance. Adam met Ed, our original Bassist, at a party. Ed was passed out and covered in random condiments. Recently, a mysterious swarthy gentleman named Bruce Cervix has taken over bass duties. Drudge is influenced by The Melvins (obviously), Kyuss (also obvious), GG Allin, Queens of the Stone Age, hillbillies, Nirvana, sludge rock, burgers and horrible feedback. We'd be obliged if you did not refer to us as "Stoner".