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Sounds like

Nicolas Jaar, Caribou

band members

Reece Cooper Russell Smith Andy Callaghan


The ocean


Dual Point is three friends who grew up on the beaches in southern Sydney.

Name: Andrew Callaghan Weight: A minute
Name: Reece Cooper Weight: On tables
Name: Russell Smith Weight: For the Bass

Now based in Byron Bay and Cronulla, Dual Point collaborate across the internet, allowing ideas to mutate and be remixed via the web. Influenced by the likes of Boards of Canada, Nicolas Jaar & Deep Forest, Dual Point’s tracks are composed of rich swelling layers and strong undercurrents of groove. Drawing inspiration from their travels and the ocean, cultivated sounds collide with a competitive edge to constantly improve the music they create. Skype jam sessions and Dropbox ensure there is always one of them working on their music, twisting and pushing their ideas deeper into the sonic abyss. Debuting on stage in early 2015 alongside Modeselektor, Tuff Sherm & Cassius Select, Dual Point’s immersive live show blends synths, samplers, drum machines, guitars and vocals. Equally famed for their compelling live performances as their intricate production, the 3-piece’s performing credentials were further solidified with a second show supporting Melbourne songstress Banoffee. Collaborating with George Nicholas of Seekae on mixing duties, Dual Point’s debut single 'Off The Grid' is a juicy, slow groover, blending crackly vinyl vocals with a bouncy bass riff to get the night started.